Nina has been songwriting for decades; first on the piano and, more recently, on guitar.  

She has a lengthy musical archive, including songs for her novel, Welcome, (see below) her children, her husband, friends, her dog and for her own sanity.   


She is the creator of This One's For You: a small, bespoke business of personalised song-writing as a gift.  She has been commissioned to sing for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals and other occasions. 


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Nina trained as an actress and singer at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.  


She sings professionally at events, on guitar or /and with pianist Stephen Nash.  To book Nina to sing at an event, go to the Contact Page

She has sung in various theatre productions, and has written a songbook for her novel, Welcome (which is to be adapted into a TV series).


The Story (Copyright 2019)

Welcome to Welcome: a recovery centre, hidden away in a country village off the south coast of England.  

When 18 year old Kat arrives, twinned with her outspoken, sassy co-pilot Anorexia, they're sure they've landed in the wrong place.  

It takes the fearless, wacky, recovering inpatients of Welcome, in particular 30 year-old, bi-polar sufferer, Jack, to show Kat the strength she is capable of.  

A black, love-triangular comedy, Welcome is a story which shines a light on one girl's battle with a mental illness so enticing and suffocating it takes an almost-miracle to overcome it.  Doors of taboo are blown open, showing this disorder in all its hilarity and desperation from various angles: family, therapist, Kat and the illness itself, personified. 

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