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Everyone feels fear.  For some, it's in a classroom or the playground. For others, it's in a boardroom or an office.  Nina's coaching helps boost self-confidence, presentation skills and well-being.  

Children & Young Adults

Nina helps students prepare for speech & drama exams and drama school auditions.

The 45-minute sessions are not just for budding actors, but for any parent wanting to give their child a confidence boost.  With the skills she practises as a professional, Nina helps students work on their pieces with fun exercises for voice and body, allowing them to relax and look at the world from a different, empathetic perspective. 

There is no necessity to take the exams (though most people choose to).  It's what they learn in the process which gives them essential tools not taught in class: communication skills, body awareness, improved mental-health, self-confidence. 

Prices are £60 per lesson or £55 per lesson for a package of 6 lessons.  


Lessons are online or in person in Oxfordshire. 


The mind often defeats the body, which is why nerves can get the better of us. 

Nina helps clients connect body to mind, with breathing, physical and vocal exercises for performance.  She helps with anxiety in the workplace, speeches and presentations, both in the office and for larger events. 

Nina also edits content at the client's request.

Sessions are 1 hour, at £80 per hour online or £100 per hour in person.  

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