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                           THIS ONE'S FOR YOU:

                                   A PERSONALISED
                          SONGWRITING & POETRY SERVICE


If you're stuck for what to buy the person who has everything, have you thought of giving them their own song?

                                              If so,



Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just because you love someone, This One's For You is a personal, unique and thoughtful gift which lasts forever.  

Much like an artist paints a person on canvas from a photograph, I write and compose with the image you create for me.  It becomes a song from you, put together by me.  


"You are absolutely, totally, utterly, completely brilliant. Thank you so much for creating such a unique, memorable & special present by sharing your extraordinary gift with me and, of course, with my beautiful girl.”   Penny Mountbatten


We just love the lyrics – you are a genius!"   Daisy Hoppen


For examples of songs I have written and covered, click on the boxes below.  


*N.B: Not all clients' songs are uploaded, for privacy reasons.  For more examples, please contact Nina directly  


This One's For You.

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