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I've been writing songs for decades; first on the piano and, more recently, on guitar.  I have a lengthy musical archive, including a songbook for my novel, Welcome, songs for my children, husband, friends, dog and my own sanity.   


This One’s For You allows me to bring all my skills to one table, as well as making people happy (which is the best bit).  The reason I think people choose it, and why I take great pride in it, is because each song or poem is personalised specifically to one particular individual.  No two songs are the same and this is what makes the gift so special.  Click on 'Testimonials' to see how happy past clients have been! 




Once I’ve been contacted by a client, we’ll arrange a Zoom meeting or phone call.  Before this, I’ll email over a quick questionnaire to fill out.  Once we’ve spoken, I start writing and composing.  I ask for full payment up front after our initial conversation.  I will email the lyrics over first.  Once the client is happy, I’ll start composing.  The client receives the recording via mp3 which opens in iTunes, so the song can be played via bluetooth speakers, Sonos etc.  The final lyrics or poem are sent to the client, framed. 



Original song / lyrics - From £1,150

Personalised poem - From £600

Video performance of song - From £500

Live performance of song - From £650

Live performance of song with pianist - From £1,000

Live performance set of cover songs with pianist - From £2,000

​​*These are guide prices.  The price differs for every song, as it is personal to each client and their requirements. For original songs, one lyrics-edit and one recording-edit is included in the agreed price.  


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