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Welcome to Welcome: a recovery centre, hidden away in a country village off the south coast of England, 1999.  

When 18 year old Kat arrives with A - her outspoken, sassy disease - they're sure they've landed in the wrong place.  

It takes a greek chorus of recovering inpatients, in particular bi-polar sufferer, Jack, to blast open the doors of taboo and remind Kat of the strength she is capable of.  

When tragedy strikes in their troubled microcosm, Kat must fight to end the war with her compelling illness in order to protect the next generation.     


Welcome is a psychological thriller.  It is, ultimately, a story about how far our will power can stretch, to destroy and overcome.  It will be available to read in 2024.

Fiction & Playwriting

Nina has written two novels, several short stories, two plays and one children's book.  She was highly commended in the Royal Marsden Short Story Competition.


In her final year at Webber Douglas she wrote How Are You? I'm Fine; a play she co-produced with fellow actors after graduating. This led to the creation of the highly acclaimed Simple8 theatre company.  She is currently working on her third play, You, Maybe.  

Nina took an Arvon creative writing course under the attentive watch of authors Jake Arnott and Louise Welsh.